2014 Price Adjustment Rep FAQ

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Q: What if my customer has a contract?

A: Contract Pricing always overrides Distributor Pricing. If published Distributor Pricing is better than a customer's Contract, we will eliminate the contract for that item. This may be the case as we have changed the pricing structure for many of our items.

Q: Are we still allowing deviated pricing?

A: Yes. As we work through the changing pricing structure, we realize deviated pricing will still need to be utilized. All deviated pricing requests need to be approved by a Sales Manager.

Q: What if we want to change customer's level based on YTD sales?

A: Like the ipartner program, pricing levels are determined based on the previous year's sales. Accounts are re-evaluated after year-end. If you feel a customer needs to be re-evaluated mid-year, please discuss these changes with your Sales Manager.

Q: How do we classify a new customer?

A: All new customers are classified as "000" until the year-end evaluation. If you feel a customer needs to be brought in at a different level, please discuss this with your Sales Manager.

Q: Are we still going to have Last Best Deal?

A: Last Best Deal will no longer be used.

Q: Are we still going to have Bids?

A: Yes. We will be sending out a simplified Bid Pricing Strategy soon.

Q: What if myself or my customer want a printed price book?

A: You are able to print copies of the Price Book through FedEx. Instructions on how to to do this are available here.

Q: Is there a tool to help walk customers through how they are to get their pricing?

A: Yes, you can download a PDF here that has step-by-step instructions on how customers can access their pricing.

Q: How are multiple locations handled?

A: Customers with multiple locations are handled as one customer. All locations will be looked at as a whole to be assigned a pricing level.

Q: How do we know what level our customer has been classified as?

A: After August 1, you can log into your account on our site and your customer pricing levels will be noted there. Until then, all rep groups have been send a spreadsheet with their customers and their codes. Customer Service and Sales will also have access to this information. We encourage you to have all of your customers register on our site so you can easily see their pricing after August 1.