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Safety Zone/Impact Customer FAQ
Safety Zone/Impact Representative FAQ


Impact/RMC Press Release
Impact/RMC Press Release

Washroom Catalog
Washroom Catalog (WASH1606)

Acquired Items
Acquired Items (IMPPC1606)

Impact/RMC Odor Control Cross Reference
Odor Control (RMOCCR1607)

Webinar Powerpoint Deck
Webinar Presentation

Personal Care Pricing (PDFs)
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Personal Care Pricing (Excel)
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Malt by Impact Webinar
Malt by Impact Webinar

Individual Sell Sheets
PolyLite® (POLYLITE1604)
ProLite® (PROLITE1604)
ProMax II® (PROMAX21604)
ProMax® (PROMAX1604)
PyroMax® (PYROCHEM1604)
ProChem® (PROCHEM1604)
Standard Vinyl (VINYL1604)
MVA® (Vinyl Alternative) (MVA1604)
Standard Urethane (URETH1604)
Disposable Polyethylene (PLYETH1604)

Malt Launch Booklet

Malt Swatch Booklet

Old Impact Number vs. New Impact Number Guide

Competitor Cross Reference Guide

Apparel Guide

Literature List
Lit List

Webinar Powerpoint
Apparel 101

Online Catalog

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eyewear header

Protective Eyewear Webinar

Individual Sell Sheets
Protective Eyewear Catalog (ICAT1509)
801 Series Sell Sheet (801SELL1505)
803 Series Sell Sheet (803SELL1505)
808 Series Sell Sheet (808SELL1505)
810 Series Sell Sheet (810SELL1505)
810 Readers Series Sell Sheet (810RSELL1505)
811 Series Sell Sheet (811SELL1505)
820 Series Sell Sheet (820SELL1505)
821 Series Sell Sheet (821SELL1505)
830 Series Sell Sheet (830SELL1505)
840 Series Sell Sheet (840SELL1505)
840 Readers Series Sell Sheet (840RSELL1505)
850 Series Sell Sheet (850SELL1505)
860 Series Sell Sheet (860SELL1505)
870 Series Sell Sheet (870SELL1505)
880 Series Sell Sheet (880SELL1505)

Vertical Marketing Sheets
Automotive (AUTOVERT1506)
Building Services Contractor (BUILVERT1506)
Education (EDUCVERT1506)
Food Service (FOODVERT1506)
Healthcare (HEALVERT1506)
Hospitality (HOSPVERT1506)
Industrial (INDUSVERT1506)
Jan/San (JANSVERT1506)

Lens Features (LENSINFO1506)
Eyewear Cross Reference Chart (CROSSREF1506)
Private Branding Guide (PRIVBRAND1506)
Eyewear Launch Promotion (PROMENR1506)

Training Documents
ProGuard Protective Eyewear Product Line
Protective Eyewear 101
Why ProGuard by Impact?

Test Results
801 Series ANSI Test Results
803 Series ANSI Test Results
810 Series ANSI Test Results
820 Series ANSI Test Results
830 Series ANSI Test Results
840 Series ANSI Test Results
850 Series ANSI Test Results
860 Series ANSI Test Results
870 Series ANSI Test Results
880 Series ANSI Test Results

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Carhartt Brochure (CARBROCH1505)
Carhartt Pricing (EYEPRCAR1506)
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Distributor Agreement



Dinesol Webinar / Pass Code: 2840
Dinesol - Press Release
Dinesol - Customers Letter 5-1
Dinesol to Impact Packaging and Part Numbers
Food Service Catalog
Gator vs Value Plus Product Comparison
Impact Customers Letter 5-1
Food Service Cross Reference
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List of Country of Origin
The Correct Method for Unpacking Your 6Y Wringer
The Incorrect Method for Unpacking Your 6Y Wringer
What's New At Impact (WNEW1509)

3 NEW Ways to View Our Digital Products!

3 NEW Ways to View Our Digital Products w/o Codes
Impact Corporate Capabilities Brochure
We Impact Everything Corporate Capabilities Powerpoint
Impact Corporate Capabilities Video
Impact Style Guide/Corporate Brand Standards

Hi-Res Impact Logo with Tag (PDF)
Hi-Res Impact Logo no Tag (PDF)
The Impact Insight - Q2 Newsletter (PDF)


Product Images
GHS Template
GHS Template (example)


2015 pricing header

2014 Catalog-1

2015 Pricer Codes

2015 Pricing
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ipartner badge

2016 ipartner Program Overview
2016 ipartner Category Guide
2016 ipartner signup website
2016 Copper ipartner Details
2016 Bronze ipartner Details
2016 Silver ipartner Details
2016 Gold ipartner Details
2016 Platinum ipartner Details

2015 ipartner Program Details

Instructions for Accessing Current ipartner statistics


**NEW** 903 Value Pump (PMP1501)
**NEW** 6500 Pump-Up Sprayer/Foamer (SPRY1504)
33 Gram Microfiber Cloths Flyer (EMF1307)

**NEW** Amazing Sponge Jr.(ASJR1509)

Amazing Sponge Jr. Price List - 2015

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Mopster™ Video
Mopster™ ProPack Long Video
Mopster™ ProPack Short Video
LBH18 Cross Reference Sheet
**NEW**Impact Earth Floor Pads (IE1510)
**NEW**Floor Pad Brochure (FLCR1504)
**NEW**Floor Pad Brochure (RFLP1504)
**NEW** Wet Floor Sign (9152BH1412)
**NEW** Wet Floor Signs (WFS1501)
Impact Floor Pad Training Module
Floor Care Glossary
Floor Pad Cross Reference Guide
Floor Pads FAQ
Floor Pad Pricing
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LBH18 Valve Kit Replacement Guide
LB18BL Instruction Sheet
Mopster Bucketless Handle



Bloodborne Pathogen Kits

Bloodborne Pathogen Kits (ABM1410)

Workplace Safety Training

Safety Solutions 2.0 presentation
Safety in the Work Place.PDF
Workplace Safety Assessment 2_0.pdf


Globally Harmonized System

GHS Flyer

GHS Training Materials
Attendance Roster Template (.pdf)
Certificate of Completion (.ppt)
GHS End Users (.pdf)
GHS Answers (.doc)
GHS FAQs 3.31.15 (.ppt)
GHS Quiz (.pdf)
GHS1403 Flyer (.pdf)




Barricade™ Video
Barricade White Paper
Barricade Brochure
Barricade Press Release
Odor Genie Web App
Odor Genie App Demonstration
(Passcode is "Barricade")
Barricade™ Distributor Initial Stocking Form - Base
Barricade™ Distributor Initial Stocking Form - Bronze
Barricade™ Distributor Initial Stocking Form - Silver
Barricade™ Distributor Initial Stocking Form - Gold
Barricade™ Distributor Initial Stocking Form - Platinum
Sample Order Form
Barricade™ SDS Sheets
*NEW* Barricade™ Press-On Disposable Mats
*NEW* Barricade™ 30 Day Timer Card & Software
*NEW* Barricade™ Fragrance Stix
*NEW* Barricade™ Hygiene Screen

Barricade Webinar
Barricade™ Webinar Q&A
Barricade™ Introduction Webinar
To view the above webinar, please use the password "Barricade". Please note that the password is case-sensitive. The webinar is approximately 1 hour and 14 minutes long. It was recorded on February 7, 2014.
Barricade™ Powerpoint Presentation

Counter Mount Soap Dispenser

Top Fill Foaming Soap Dispenser

Z-Screen - New Improved

Tabbed Z-Screen (TZS1409)

Odor Control

Cabinet Stix Air Freshener (CBSTX1502)